Michel Peters

"Cooperating to improve the competitive clout of the Dutch aerospace sector"

We operate in a constantly changing political and economic environment. This was confirmed once more in 2014, a turbulent year ...

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Frank Mulders

"Cooperating from idea to realisation"

As an industry, we need support in developing this kind of specialist expertise, which is why cooperation with knowledge centres like NLR is indispensable ...

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Marco Brinkman

"Developing together new composite technology and then applying it"

NLR adjusts its services to meet the demands of businesses and takes an enterprising approach ...

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Evelyn Geurtsen

"NLR offers answers to research questions from various ministries "

NLR's value for broader society is primarily reflected in the topics it addresses ...

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Nico Schiettekatte

"NLR takes Brazilian needs and challenges as their starting point"

NLR is a perfect fit for this Golden Triangle, taking an active, visible role in a wide range of projects ...

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Colonel Robert Adang

"Close cooperation for an effective Air Force"

The Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) cannot do without NLR when it comes to support in the development and application of expertise ...

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Armon Toubman

"I really enjoy doing research"

I started out at the University of Tilburg, more specifically at the Tilburg Centre for Creative Computing ...

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Rob Huyser

"NLR serves as a pivotal knowledge institute"

The NLR facilities play an important role in seeking solid answers to questions raised by society ...

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Hester Bijl

"Jointly making the Netherlands aerospace sector even more innovative and competitive"

Our aerospace industry cannot do without the expertise and facilities of NLR ...

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Coen van't Westeinde

"NLR supports the entire Netherlands aviation industry"

NLR doesn't only focus on the big fish, but also pays attention to SMEs and industry ...

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