NLR’s strategy

NLR’s strategic ambition is to be the Dutch government’s most obvious partner of choice for dealing with aerospace-related matters. NLR is also committed to being the most competitive knowledge organisation for the Dutch aerospace sector in Europe (with the best price-quality ratio). NLR will continue to expand its knowledge in the areas of air safety, environment and composites.

NLR translates scientific knowledge into smart technological ideas based upon which the industry can develop concrete and competitive products. It thus serves as an intermediary between universities and businesses. NLR also provides materials for policy development by the ministries that are responsible for the safety and environmental aspects of air transport. NLR generates 75% of its turnover from paid contracts from the Netherlands and other countries, from governments to aircraft manufacturers, and from civilian to military clients. About half of NLR’s industrial activities are carried out on behalf of small and medium-sized businesses.

Financial data

NLR built on its reputation as a valued partner for Dutch industry in 2014. Our staff remain a key asset, coupling broad and integrated aerospace expertise with an enterprising attitude ...

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NLR attaches great importance to the training and development of (future) staff. Knowledge has to be updated constantly and clients expect NLR to be in the vanguard ...

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Supervisory Board

NLR is a modern knowledge centre. The Netherlands experienced cautious economic recovery in the past year after battling through strong headwinds for several years...

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Stronger by co-operation: NLR signed several agreements with partners from the Netherlands, Europe and outside Europe ...

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NLR operates strategic large-scale research facilities. These enable the organisation to undertake innovative research and to test and evaluate potential solutions in realistic conditions ...

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Visitors 2014

A total of 50 visits were organised, 20 for business partners and 30 for government officials and politicians ...

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Organisation chart

NLR has a workforce of roughly 620, based at two establishments; one in Amsterdam and the other in Marknesse (Flevoland). NLR’s employees are subdivided in three divisions: aerospace systems, air transport, aerospace vehicles ...

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Advisory Committees

NLR has three advisory committees of specialists in the aerospace sector, whit the task of safeguarding the long-term knowledge programmes of NLR: aerospace systems, air transport and aerospace vehicles ...

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NLR and sustainability

NLR’s Strategy Plan 2014-2017 stipulated that clear sustainability targets should be set for internal operations. The first tangible step was to determine the institute’s CO2 footprint, which amounted to a total of 6.500 tonnes in 2014, compared to 6.900 tonnes of in CO2 2013. NLR compensates for emissions from duty travel by road and air by way of tree-planting schemes.

NLR supports the CO2ZERO programme of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to compensate for CO2 emissions resulting from duty travel aboard flights operated by KLM and partners. NLR supports the Trees for All Foundation to compensate for travel with all other airlines and all business-related road travel.