NLR Advisory Committees

Advisory Committee Aerospace Systems

Lt-Kol J. van Deventer (Chairman)
Ministry of Defence - Air and Space Warfare Center

Drs. E. Bongers
Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands BV

Prof.dr. E.K.A. Gill
Delft University of Technology/Fac. of Aerospace Engineering

Ir. P.M.G.C.Haagmans
Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Ing. M. Jozic
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines/Engineering & Maintenance

Ing. K. Nuyten
Fokker Elmo

Drs. N.J. van Putten
Netherlands Space Office (NSO)

L. Roffel
Thales Nederland

Lt-Kol H.C.G.A. Schattorie
Ministry of Defence/Air Force Command E. Theunissen
Delft University of Technology/
Electrical Engineering,
Mathematics and Computer Science

Kol D.J. Traas MSc
Ministry of Defence

Advisory Committee Air Transport

Ing. J.H. Wilbrink (Chairman)
Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Kol R.P.J. Adang
Ministry of Defence/Royal Netherlands Air Force Command

Prof. dr. R. Curran
Delft University of Technology/Fac. of Aerospace Engineering

Dr. ir. J. Daams
LVNL Air Traffic Control the Netherlands

Ir. R.J. Karelse
Ministry of Defence/DMO

Ir. M.J.T. van der Meer
Schiphol Group M. Mulder
Delft University of Technology/Fac. of Aerospace Engineering

Prof.dr. H. Schiele
University of Twente

Ir. J.C. Terlouw
Saab Technologies BV

Drs. H.J. Tiecken
Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Ing. R.J.F. Verschoor

Prof. dr. J.H.M. Vroomen
Tilburg University – School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Advisory Committee Aerospace Vehicles A. de Boer (Chairman)
University of Twente/ Fac. of Engineering Technology R. Benedictus
Delft University of Technology/ Fac. of Aerospace Engineering

Ir. A. Brødsjø
Airborne Technology Centre

Lt-Kol ir. T. Frieswijk
Ministry of Defence – Air Force Command

M. van der Geest
Fokker Aerostructures R. Hagmeijer
University of Twente – Fac. of Engineering Technology

Ing. H. Hendriks
Ministry of Defence

Ir. C. Hermans
DNW-German Dutch Wind Tunnels

Ir. A.R. Offringa
Fokker Aerostructure

Dr. S.W. Rienstra
Eindhoven University of Technology/ Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Lt-Kol ir. J. de Rooij
Ministry of Defence – Leeuwarden Air Base A.T.J. Verbeek
DutchAero Services

Ir. F.F. Verduijn
Netherlands Enterprise Agency