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NLR built on its reputation as a valued partner for Dutch industry in 2014, signing numerous contracts for applied research assignments. Our staff remain a key asset, coupling broad and integrated aerospace expertise with an enterprising attitude, insight into society and good communications skills. This unique combination of qualities is highly appreciated by our clients.

This has been repeatedly confirmed by our biannual customer satisfaction surveys, but is also reflected in the assignments we were granted in 2014 and our positive balance sheet.

The Netherlands aerospace sector is thriving and is active worldwide. NLR serves as a liaison between parties in this sector. In 2014, we took part in trade missions to China and Brazil, as part of the Golden Triangle between government, industry and knowledge institutes.

In Europe, NLR teamed up with Dutch businesses to participate in European framework programmes that present building blocks for the national government’s aerospace policy.

NLR primarily plays its connecting role in the Netherlands, where it participates in a multitude of regional cooperative bodies with industry and smaller businesses.

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