At the JEC Composites Show in Paris, NLR signed an agreement with the Netherlands-based company Airborne Technology Centre. The contract was for the opening of an Airborne facility at NLR’s Composites Manufacturing Technology Centre, which is part of the CompoWorld Incubators in Flevoland Province. Airborne has plans to manufacture a broader range of components for the aviation industry and wants to engage in closer cooperation with NLR so that it can be more competitive in this market.

Airborne and NLR signing an agreement at the JEC Composites Show in Paris

The ACM Pilot Plant was established through public-private cooperation between FLG and NLR, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and regional authorities.

In addition, NLR signed an agreement with Fokker Landing Gear for the joint establishment and maintenance of a facility for industrial research and experimental development in the field of automated manufacturing of thick-walled composite landing gear components.

Aircraft manufacturer EMBRAER and NLR extended their cooperation agreement in the area of research and development. This memorandum of understanding will see NLR and EMBRAER jointly initiating research projects in the fields of new materials, cockpit technology, systems development and aerodynamics, among other things. These research projects will contribute to advancing the position of Dutch industry in EMBRAER’s programmes.