NLR’s expertise helps strengthen the competitiveness of Dutch government and industry

Examples of NLR’s support for the latter include the certification of 3D-printed metal products and the opening of a special ACM Pilot Plant, where the institute and industry jointly conduct research into automated manufacturing processes for composite materials ...

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Helping in the careful selection and maintenance of deployed airborne material

Dutch armed forces have taken part in operations far beyond NATO territory in recent decades. Their participation in international missions imposes extreme demands on materials and the safety of personnel. NLR has contributed by making Apache helicopters more efficient ...

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Safety and Efficiency

NLR contributes expertise in logistics and planning

We conducted test flights that executed landings with the aid of satellite navigation. NLR also participated in programmes to integrate unmanned aerial platforms into civilian airspace. Within the European RECREATE project, we researched the option of airborne refuelling for civilian aircraft ...

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