NLR's expertise helps strengthen the competitiveness of Dutch government and industry – from central to regional authorities, and from heavy industry to SMEs. Examples of NLR's support for the latter include the certification of 3D-printed metal products and the opening of a special ACM Pilot Plant, where the institute and industry jointly conduct research into automated manufacturing processes for composite materials.

ACM Pilot Plant

New facility for optimising the production process of composites

On 28 November 2014, the high point was reached in the construction of a remarkable new facility at NLR: a ACM Pilot Plant for composite components ...

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Biaxial tests

Better understanding how materials behave under complex loading

The need for fundamental material tests has increased with the spectacular growth in the use of advanced materials, such as composites in the aircraft industry ...

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Composite Scoop

Scoop for front-end loader has financial benefits

The use of composites was until recently the reserve of aviation and other high-tech industries, enabling NLR to gain a great deal of expertise in this area. But these composites were expensive ...

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Half model balance

Half model balance for European Transonic Wind Tunnel

Wind tunnels play an important part in the development of aircraft and helicopters, as well as other aerodynamic objects such as sports cars and trains ...

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3D metal printing

NLR helps Dutch SMEs and industry manufacturing certifiable, 3D-printed metal products

Registration has now opened for a new, four-year, Public-Private Partnership Programme launched by NLR and TNO as part of the Dutch government's Top Sectors Policy ...

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Improving access to data from remote sensing satellites

The range of applications for remote sensing is steadily increasing. Not only because there is a new, smarter way of interpreting existing data, but also because of the ever-growing flow of data ...

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Smart heat pump

Discharge excess energy of future satellites

Satellites and other space vehicles contain an increasing array of energy-consuming electronics and other equipment. One way of meeting the growing need for power is through the installation of ...

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Applications of innovative measurement techniques expanded and refined

Aircraft testing is similar to medical research in that less intrusive work methods ensure that it is less disruptive. This was exemplified in the EC project Advanced In-flight Measurement Techniques (AIM) ...

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