Dutch armed forces have taken part in operations far beyond NATO territory in recent decades. Their participation in international missions imposes extreme demands on materials and the safety of personnel. NLR has contributed by making Apache helicopters more efficient and helped ensure greater versatility in deployment. In addition, NLR's MRO expertise ensures that air force platforms are maintained with all due care. One example is a tool we developed to optimise deployability and the maintenance of weapons systems.

Optimising availability

Optimising availability and maintenance

To optimise the availability, safety and affordability of aircraft and helicopters, it is crucial that their use and degradation be carefully monitored and ...

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Jammer technology

DEAF offers insight into latest jamming technology

The procurement and operational application of high-tech defence systems presents military users with challenges in various areas. Knowledge is the key word ...

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Tool for more dynamic Life Cycle Management

Proper maintenance is a key factor in the efficient and reliable functioning of defence material. Most maintenance is preventive, based on a fixed schedule ...

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Orange Jumper

New data-acquisition system for Orange Jumper

Owing to continual updates, the F-16 fighter jets currently operated by the Royal Netherlands Air Force differ significantly from the type first taken into operation ...

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F-16 wing

Damage Enhancement Test answers many questions

During the spring of 2011, a Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon made a belly landing and had to be written off entirely ...

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European collaboration in training

With European defence budgets shrinking, there is a need for more efficient deployment of resources. More intensive collaboration between the armed forces ...

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Apache helicopter

NLR makes Apache attack helicopters more efficient and versatile

The Netherlands armed forces deploy complex defence systems on a relatively small scale. To ensure efficient and economical ...

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