Safety and Efficiency

NLR contributes expertise in logistics and planning to improve the safe movement of passengers and cargo. We conducted test flights that executed landings with the aid of satellite navigation. NLR also participated in programmes to integrate unmanned aerial platforms into civilian airspace. Within the European RECREATE project, we researched the option of airborne refuelling for civilian aircraft, which will help reduce fuel costs as well as emissions.

Smart avionics

Smart avionics reduces impact of bad weather

Bad weather has hampered engine-powered aviation since the Wright brothers. Meteorological conditions such as fog, thunderstorms and wind affect both flight safety and airline revenues ...

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LVNL consulting NLR

LVNL consults NLR for risk analysis

Flying is one of the safest modes of transport. And if things do go wrong, there's always a follow-up investigation, leaving no stone unturned in the quest to prevent any recurrence ...

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Fit-to-Fly test

Towards a fit-to-fly test for pilots

Pilot fatigue is a factor in a relatively large number of fatal air crashes. To date, aviation authorities and airlines have pursued a restrictive approach to limit risks in this regard. This includes compulsory ...

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Airborne refuel

Pilots: "Airborne refuelling can be done safely"

Passenger aircraft can be safely refuelled in the air even if there is turbulence, poor visibility or an engine fails. This was borne out by simulation experiments conducted in 2014 ...

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Satellite navigation

Satellite navigation makes aircraft landings safer

In future, pilots will increasingly use satellite navigation systems when landing. In 2014, a new approach procedure intended to further improve flight safety was implemented for the first time ...

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Integration of drones

Integration of drones within civil aviation

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) or drones are being ever more broadly applied and deployed. Originating from the military arena, RPAS are being used for an ever wider range of civilian tasks ...

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Lelystad Airport

'Sound videos' chart consequences of expanding Lelystad Airport

Few economic analysts doubt that global aviation is set to expand significantly in the coming decades. To accommodate future growth, Amsterdam Airport ...

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Clearly visible cockpit displays – even in bright sunlight

The DERPHOSA project saw NLR joining forces with several partners to work on new technology for cockpit displays. The new technology sailed through ...

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Safer fuel systems

Towards safer fuel systems

Safety risks in aircraft fuel systems may be relatively low, but still deserve serious consideration. Sparks occurring in fuel tanks are the biggest hazard in this area, as illustrated by the disastrous explosion...

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